Buyer's User Guide: Update 1-12-22 subject to change

Requirements:  Bidding requires a valid credit card and accepting our terms & conditions upon registration.

Buyer Fees:  Buyers now pay a sitewide, low cost fixed 7.5% Buyer’s Final Value Fees directly paid to Auction DiY.  During bidding, a pop-up window will appear and shows the price with the fixed buyer’s final value fee included.  

Fee Payments:  Buyer’s Final Value Fees are automatically debited daily from the buyer's credit card paid to Auction DiY for items won.  If your credit card is declined for insufficient funds, your account will be in suspension. Be sure you have sufficient funds available for fees.  Go to the bottom of the page for BUYER FAIR WARNING DISCLOSURE.

Item Payments:  Buyers pay the seller directly for the full cost of the item.  May include additional shipping and other costs.  Fee payment is not to be included in the final sales cost.  Seller will list payment methods and options.  Contact Auction DiY if the seller does not respond.

Bidding:  Auction DiY will bid incrementally for you up to your maximum bid.  Your maximum bid is kept a secret from other users.  There is an anti-snipe feature to each auction that extends time towards the end of the auction.  Some auctions may have reserves, buy it now and or make an offer.

Make Offer:  User can make an offer below or above initial starting price.  Seller can accept, make counter offer or not respond.  

Buy it Now:  Buyer can end the auction listing immediately with the Buy it Now option. 

Buying:  Your bid is a contract between you and the listing creator.  If you have the highest bid you will enter into a legally binding purchase contract.  Buyers must do their due diligence prior to bidding.  Many lots will be sold as is, how is no returns.  Please ask questions to the seller about the item’s condition, costs for rigging, crating and loading fees prior to bidding.

Shipping:  The seller will list options for their items.  If not picked up, larger items will have to be shipped by freight truck.  Buyers must arrange shipping for LTL freight.  Sellers may assist.  

Taxes:  Each seller will post their state tax rate on their listings.  Tax exempt buyers must file appropriate form(s) and certificate(s) with each seller to be considered tax exempt.  Auction DiY does not share tax exempt form with other sellers.

Buyer Protection:  Auction DiY’s site has a voluntary user feedback rating system.  At any time Auction DiY may remove users who do not follow our user agreements or upon complaint.  Legal and financial complaints are between the Seller and Buyer and not Auction DiY.  Auction DiY simply provides a platform to auction goods for fees.

New feature:  Public question forum below each auction lots.  Ask questions so everyone can see

BUYER FAIR WARNING DISCLOSURE:  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  The winning bidder is legally obligated to the seller’s terms when the auction concludes.  If the buyer fails to pay for the item, then no refunds will be issued from Auction DiY for Buyer’s Final Value Fee.  You will no longer be allowed on this site. If the credit card has insufficient funds, a $35 charge will be applied.  You will be subject to a penalty of 35% for the winning bid amount. 

Seller Reject Bids:  Sellers have the right to reject winning bids.  Contact Auction DiY within five days to resolve.  If there are no resolutions,  Auction DiY will return the Buyer’s Final Value Fee.  

Note:  Auction DiY does not store credit cards on this platform.  All fees and site rules are subject to change at any time.