Seller's Guide: 2/05/22 subject to change

Easy to list, we are ready to assist.

No Fees or Commissions to Sell:
Free to list auctions on Auction DiY.  Future updates may include listing fees and final value fees

No Seller’s Final Value FeesNo seller’s commission fees after the auction is over.

Requirements:  Selling requires a valid credit card and accepting our terms & conditions upon registration.

Single Item Auctions:  Now Available called “Create Listing +” in the Manage Auctions drop down menu.  Future updates will show on the home page.  

How to list your first auction event tutorial.  Need more help contact us at or call and we can assist while you make your auction.

How to get paid: It is the sellers responsibility to collect payment for winning items.  Do not collect Buyer’s Final Value Fee paid directly to Auction DiY.  Contact Auction DiY if the buyer does not respond.

  • Seller's Choice...Pay on pick-up, certified funds or other methods.

  • PayPal payments…a paypal window opens up on Auction DiY.  Seller must first use Auction DiY’s invoice system, buyer gets email and pays with PayPal.

  • Stripe Credit Card Portal...Auction DiY platform is set-up for Stripe credit card processing.. Users with Stripe can connect with Stripe for payment on Auction DiY.

Invoicing:   Use your own accounting software or use Auction DiY.  Don’t forget to add taxes, crating and shipping if applicable.

Taxes:   Each seller must collect sales tax and list their state’s tax rate on each auction.  All sellers must verify tax exempt buyers with filled out forms and documents to support their exemption.  Auction DiY does not share tax exempt form with other sellers.

Auction Event:  Sell multiple Lots in one event.  Items are extended when a bid is made within a certain ending time called anti-snipe protection.  Put reserves, bid, buy it now and / or make an offer.

Seller Protection:  Auction DiY’s site has a feedback rating system for each user.  At any time Auction DiY may remove users who do not follow our user agreements or upon complaint.   Legal and financial complaints are between the Seller and Buyer and not Auction DiY..  Auction DiY simply provides a platform to auction goods for fees.

Fee Payment:  Seller’s Fees are automated and processed with the registered card.  If your credit card is declined for insufficient funds, your account will be in suspension.  Be sure you have sufficient funds available for fees.

Contact us at We can assist in launching your first auction.  Let us know if you require more selling categories or other matters.

Note:  Auction DiY does not store credit cards on this platform.  All fees and site rules are subject to change at any time.  Check Seller’s Guide frequently to view changes to Fee Structures and Auction DiY selling policies.